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Top Van Destinations for April 2023


April is here! The days continue to grow warmer as we inch towards the summer months making it a perfect time to pack up your van and hit the open road toward coasts, forests, deserts, and oceans. If you’re looking for the best van camping locations across the United States this April, search no further. Today we’re highlighting our top ten destinations for one of our favorite spring months. And with National Park Week right around the corner, April is definitely an ideal time to head out on your next epic van adventure.

Winnebago Revel driving down desert road

Moab, Utah – Click Here for the Ultimate Adventure Guide to Moab 

April is a perfect time to get out and explore the Moab desert as the temperatures are typically pleasant with little precipitation. Choose between the established campsites, and RV parks, or if you prefer more seclusion dispersed camping is a popular choice in Moab. Willow Springs Road, Long Canyon Road, and Mill Canyon are all excellent choices for dispersed camping. While you enjoy your stay, check out the beautiful Arches and Canyonlands National Parks.

Sedona, Arizona

Enjoy the vibrant landscape this blooming spring in Sedona. Clear skies and mild temperatures make this an excellent April van camping choice. Like Moab, you also have the choice between established campsites, RV parks, and dispersed camping. However, if you plan on camping in the Coconino National Forest, a popular spot for dispersed camping, you will need a permit. For established campsites try Manzanita or Pine Flat Campgrounds. Sedona can be busy this time of year so be sure to make reservations if needed and don’t forget to enjoy the night sky while you are out.

two people enjoying Mountain View

Yosemite National Park, California

Visit Yosemite National Park this April and enjoy the park with fewer visitors. April tends to be a slower month for the park making it a perfect destination for getting away and enjoying the spring weather in seclusion. However, be sure to pack and prepare properly, the weather this time of year can be unpredictable with the temperature occasionally dropping below freezing at night. For van camping in cold-weather, try this article.

Acadia National Park, Maine – Click Here to View our Road Trip Guide

Another harsh but rewarding van camping destination this April is Acadia National Park in Maine. Like Yosemite, Acadia can drop below freezing at night so it is important to prepare for the cold weather. However, because of the weather and time of year, the park is less busy during this time of year. Adventure out on the beautiful hiking trails or if you prefer driving there are plenty of scenic drives. Make sure to check for any closures as April is Acadia’s shoulder season.

Wildflowers blooming in spring at the base of a mountain

Glacier National Park, Montana

Missing the snow? Head up to Glacier National Park in Montana for cold weather, snow, and plenty of wildlife. Bear, moose, and bighorn sheep tend to be more active as the weather warms up making April an excellent time to spot one of these beautifully rugged creatures. Glacier is home to over 700 lakes and streams making it a prime location for those looking to catch fish. 

Lake Michigan Shoreline, Michigan

For a peaceful camping experience, Lake Michigan Shoreline is an excellent bet. There are many beaches and campsites with beautiful views of Lake Michigan perfect for van camping this April. However, be prepared for self-sufficient camping as many of the sites do not have amenities. Trout, salmon, and other fish species are common in the area making it another destination for those looking to fish. In addition to fishing, the Lake Michigan Shoreline is home to many hiking trails and the lake is perfect for kayaking. 

Couple liking along beautiful winding trail

Asheville, North Carolina

Looking to explore an interesting city rather than the outdoors? Look no further than Asheville, North Carolina. Asheville is known for its art scene and craft breweries. Try to catch the monthly art walk or visit the River Arts District which is home to over 200 artists. The city also has over 25 breweries so be sure to explore, find your favorite, and perhaps take a brewery tour. Many of the breweries frequently have live music as well. As far as campsites, Asheville East KOA and North Mills River Campground are both good choices. 

Grand Canyon, Arizona – Click Here to View our Adventure Guide

Explore one of America’s great natural wonders, the Grand Canyon, this April and enjoy the smaller crowds. Because of its popularity, it is important to make reservations for a campsite ahead of time. You will also need to prepare for the possibility of spring storms during your stay in the Grand Canyon. Overall, if you are prepared for possible storms and have secured a reservation, the Grand Canyon is one of the most breathtaking camping locations you can find in North America. 

Surfer at sunset on the Oregon Coast

The Oregon Coast, Oregon

The Oregon Coast is an extremely memorable camping experience. With many state parks such as Cape Lookout, Beverly Beach, and Nehalem Bay as well as multiple private campgrounds, the Oregon Coast offers many mesmerizing camping locations to park your van and enjoy the coming of spring. The Oregon Coast Trail is a popular camping activity as it spans the length of the coast. April is also a great time for whale watching as the whales will be migrating along the coast. 

White Mountains, New Hampshire

For a scenic experience, van camping in the White Mountains is as good as it gets. If you are looking to hit the slopes before the snow melts, the White Mountains are also home to several ski resorts. For campgrounds Lost River Valley Campground, White Mountains National Forest, and Maple Haven Campground are all worth looking into.

Whether you are looking to welcome the warm weather in Moab or hit the slopes before the snow dries in the White Mountains, we hope these destinations will bring a unique adventure for your spring travels. Be sure to check back next month for our Top Destinations for May and click here to browse last month’s list. If you are looking for more ways to welcome spring on the road try this article.