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Adventure Guide: North Conway, New Hampshire


Stunning trees, incredible hiking trails, majestic waterfalls—these are just a few of the reasons to visit North Conway, New Hampshire. If you’re looking for an exciting road trip that offers a bit of everything, this destination is for you!

As North Conway is home to luxurious hotels and lodging accommodations, we recommend staying in a campervan. There are several comfortable campgrounds and RV parks in the area, making North Conway a top-notch vancamping destination!

In this post, we’ll talk about more reasons why you should visit North Conway in your campervan. We’ll discuss where to stop on the drive over, what outdoor activities to enjoy, and much more!

About North Conway, New Hampshire

If you were to make a list of the most beautiful places on the East Coast, North Conway would be up there. Tucked away in the White Mountains of New Hampshire, North Conway is a nature-lovers paradise. Here you can find magnificent views in every direction, including unforgettable outdoor activities and attractions.

Where to Stop Along the Way

While you probably can’t wait to arrive in North Conway this time of year, we recommend making the following stops on the drive over:

Driving North

If your northern drive takes you through Virginia, great adventures await. First things first, you have to check out the fall beauty! If you can make it before the leaves change, we recommend a visit to Shenandoah National Park. Passing through New Jersey? If so, consider stops at Paterson Great Falls National Historic Park for stunning views, or Mountain Creek Resort for a fun day on the slopes.

Heading West

If your drive begins in the neighboring state of Maine, there are several cool spots to check out. For starters, you can’t pass up Acadia National Park. The hiking here is incredible, and the coastal scenery is fabulous! If you want a peaceful hike on the coast, check out Cadillac Mountain. Also, try to make it out to Sand Beach, which is teeming with beauty!

Driving South

If a southern drive is on the agenda, you may find yourself in parts of Canada. If that’s the case, you can’t pass up Québec City. This place is known for its unique culture, stunning outdoor scenery, and enchanting castles. We recommend a visit to Fairmont Le Château Frontenac, an astonishing castle in the area. You should also experience Montmorency Falls and Stoneham Mountain Resort, especially during the fall months when the leaves are changing!

Heading East

On an eastern drive, consider stops in Ohio and other neighboring states. If you’re looking for outdoor adventure, check out Cuyahoga Valley National Park or Hocking Hills State Park. These places come alive with magnificent fall beauty! If Pennsylvania is on the agenda, consider stops in Ohiopyle State Park, Blue Mountain Resort, or Ricketts Glen State Park.

All of these adventures get you primed and ready for the excitement in North Conway!

North Conway’s Outdoor Activities & Attractions

As you finally arrive in North Conway, you probably can’t wait to explore. Be sure to experience the following activities in the area:


North Conway is nestled in the White Mountains of New Hampshire, which is where you can find the state’s largest mountains. This list includes Mount Washington, the highest peak in the Northeast. With this massive mountain and vast wilderness, hiking trails are found all over! If you’re looking for a beginner hike to get your feet wet, check out the trail to Glen Ellis Falls, or hike the Old Bridle Path to West Rattlesnake. For something more strenuous, try your hand at Lion’s Head at the top of Mount Washington.

Skiing & Snowboarding

This time of year means skiing and snowboarding is right around the corner! That said, you may want to plan an epic ski trip to North Conway. Wildcat and Attitash are the two resorts in the area, offering several lifts and an abundance of terrain for all ability levels. For advanced riders out there, Wildcat will be your best bet. This resort provides 2,100 feet of vertical terrain, and it’s also home to the longest ski season in the state.

Rock Climbing

North Conway is also great for rock climbing! If you can get here before the snow falls, you’re in for an awesome rock climbing adventure. After all, New Hampshire is nicknamed the Granite State for a reason. While rock climbing routes are found all over the region, two of the top areas are right here in North Conway! This includes Cathedral and Whitehorse Ledges. If you’re traveling during the winter months and still want to climb, ice climbing is another popular activity in the area!

Exploring Waterfalls

Breathtaking waterfalls are found all over North Conway. While several of these can be found after hiking for miles, there are others just off the road! Diana’s Baths are arguably the most popular falls in the area, located just a short drive from town. Another popular option is Sabbaday Falls, just a 10-15 minute walk from the Kancamagus Highway.

Scenic Drives

After a long day of hiking, you may need a day to unwind and relax. This is the perfect time for a scenic drive! And if you can make it before the leaves change, you’re in for a special treat. North Conway is home to the Kancamagus Highway, one of the most breathtaking drives in the country. Trailheads and scenic overlooks are found all along the road, providing easy access to snap photos and soak in the views. This drive only takes a few hours, which makes for an excellent day trip!


As you drive into North Conway in your campervan, the next step is to find a campground. Luckily, the area has plenty of options! Check out the following campgrounds in North Conway and the surrounding areas:

  • Green Meadow Camping Area
  • Saco River Family Camping
  • The Beach Camping Area

These campgrounds are conveniently located in North Conway or just a short drive away.

Travel Tips

Follow these insider tips about traveling to North Conway:

  • Weather is chilly this time of year, so pack the proper clothing.
  • Snow can start falling during the autumn months, so make sure you’re prepared.
  • If you enjoy shopping, check out Settlers Green, which has 100 big name factory outlet stores.
  • Visit Table and Tonic, a delicious restaurant offering organic ingredients from its own farm!

Keep these tips in mind to have the time of your life in North Conway!


Here’s a map of the area’s top attractions and campgrounds:

Hiking Trails
Ski Resorts


Hidden Gems

If you’re looking for less popular attractions, check out these awesome hidden gems in North Conway:

  • Saco River Covered Bridge
  • Mt Washington Auto Road
  • Cranmore Mountain
  • Fryeburg Fair

Take advantage of the areas above to avoid the crowds!

Start Your Expedition with Rec Van

North Conway is an adventurer’s dream! With ski resorts, hiking trails, climbing routes, and more, this area offers a bit of everything. If you’re looking for a new campervan for your traveling adventures, check out Rec Van today! We offer a wide variety of new and used campervans, all built for your outdoor adventures.

Browse through our van inventory today, and call us if you have any questions!