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10 Amazing Road Trips to Take this Fall Break


Fall brings with it such amazing things – crisp, cool weather, beautiful changing leaf colors, and an opportunity to see nature as it winds down for the year before the snow arrives. It is also the perfect time to take a van road trip. If you have a few days this fall to get away, there is no doubt it’s worth doing so. The question is, where will you go? Here are our recommendations for the best road trips for fall break.

The Mohawk Trail in Massachusetts

There are various paths along the Mohawk Trail to consider, but perhaps one of the best is this one. This part of the green begins in Greenfield. The trip takes you along Route 2A, where you’ll then connect to Route 5 and go through the Deerfield River area and onwards. If you are taking this trip, you’ll want to make a few stops, including at Historic Deerfield. There are about 13 historic homes in this area to explore the history of American colonial life. Take one of the guided tours of these historic homes (some are said to be haunted).

You’ll continue the drain through the Mt. Sugarloaf State Reservation, to Northfield Mt. Recreation and Environment Center, and then to King Philip’s Rock. The route is a fantastic experience not just in the history of the area but also with beautiful leaf displays at this time of the year.

Upper Peninsula, Michigan

A trip throughout the Upper Peninsula is perfect during the fall months. There are some outstanding experiences you’ll have, and you really do not need to go far. If you have three to five days, you can visit over 120 different noteworthy sites throughout this area. It is that full of things to do.

Start with a hike in the Fayette Historic State Park, which has been called a ghost town for a long time. You can also check out Iron County Heritage Trail. As you tour the area, don’t forget to visit Calumet, which is a historic, small city that is perfect for those who love to explore old mining areas.

Blue Ridge Mountains in Georgia

There is nothing quite like this leaf tour. The Blue Ridge Mountains are spectacular when it comes to fall foliage, and you are sure to fall in love with the sites along the way. Start at the Russell Brasstown Scenic Byway. It is in the northern portion of Georgia. Follow this through along the Chattahoochee River. If it is warm enough, you may want to head out to do some swimming or fishing here.

You can stop in the city of Helen for fabulous food and some historical sites. Be sure to check out Clayton, too, which is a small mountain town that is a hotspot for antique shops. Head into the Georgia Wine Country in this area before heading towards the Tallulah River. There are some outstanding hikes to be had in that state forest, too.

Moscow, Idaho

Get in the RV and head out to Idaho. This is likely not a trip you’ve taken before, but it is ideal for those in nearby states looking for a fun experience. Start in the city of Moscow. A visit here takes you to the University of Idaho, which is not only beautiful but has a fantastic botanical garden, perhaps the best in the state.

If you have the kids with you, a stop at Silverwood Theme Park in Athol is also a must. You can also check out the Latah Trail Bike Path on this trip. You will find there are some outstanding restaurants (local shops, too) that are located in Moscow and in nearby Troy.

Finger Lakes, New York

Another New England exploration to take is through the Finger Lakes area of New York. It is super hard to beat the beauty of this area, including Tobyhanna State Park. You can also stop at Taughannock Falls State Park for a fun, cool hike that’s not too difficult. The area is also ideal for those who want to check out the Lehigh Valley or perhaps stop off at Cayuga Lake, which is known for its fantastic wines.\

Yellowstone National Park

If you have never been to Yellowstone National Park, going during the fall can be very enjoyable, especially if you do not like the high heat. During the fall months, there are fewer tourists, too, which means more beautiful natural habitats to explore. You can continue to visit through October and sometimes into the winter months, depending on snow. This is a fantastic time to visit if you want to seek the buffalo.

Southern Pacific Coast in California

Perhaps you’re on the West Coast and want to get out for a fall road trip. Load up the RV and head down the Southern Pacific Coast. It’s hard not to love this trip because the temperatures are tolerable and all of the tourists are minimal. You can stop at Point Mugu State Park and check out areas like Santa Barbara. It is also a great time to explore the entire path along Highway 101 if you have the time. Spend some time in the ocean and exploring all of the areas to the west of Los Angeles. You can hike, play in the sand, and explore all of the shops in the region. If you have the kids, check out Disneyland during the fall (Halloween through the end of October!)

North Shore Minnesota

Another fun trip to consider is along the North Shore of Minnesota. You can start in Duluth, where you will have the opportunity to enjoy some fantastic scenery along with all of the beauty of Lake Superior. Travel along Highway 61, and you’ll be able to embrace a lot of stops along the way, including a few lighthouses and, if you are interested in doing some hiking, a waterfall or two. You may want to check out Superior National Forest, which is an excellent choice for fall colors.

Blue Ridge Parkway in Virginia and North Carolina 

Traveling from any point of the Great Smoky Mountains National Park in North Carolina into Virginia can create a vibrant display of bright orange, yellow, and red foliage views out of your windows. You can travel as many as 470 miles along this trail, and much of it is winding trails. It may be even more fun to stop along the way and check out some of the farmsteads and do a hike or two. It certainly will be cool enough to enjoy.

Hill Country in Texas

If you are interested in exploring text, check out Hill Country, from Austin to San Antonio (or the other way around). It’s about 150 miles and provides lots of opportunities to stop and explore the area. Be sure to visit Wine Road 290, which is home to numerous wineries. You can also check out the ranches along the route while also stopping in Bandera, perhaps to watch a rodeo in its most authentic form. Be sure to take the time to check out the museums and entertainment in San Antonio, too.

Exploring the fall can be a lot of fun in a camper van. Don’t make it too difficult. Just head out on the open road to see what you come upon this fall. Looking for a van to take you on your dream road trips? Check out RecVan.