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Adventure Guide: Leavenworth, Washington


Leavenworth, Washington, is an adventurer’s dream! With close proximity to mountains, a quaint downtown, and loads of outdoor excitement, this town is considered a paradise for locals and travelers alike. If you’re looking to take a once-in-a-lifetime road trip this winter, Leavenworth should be at the top of your list. Also, we recommended staying in a campervan for an experience like no other!

In this post, we’ll discuss several reasons why you should visit Leavenworth this winter. We’ll talk about the best outdoor activities in the area, including where to stop along the road trip!

About Leavenworth, Washington

Leavenworth is a quaint town located just 2.5 hours east of Seattle. Bavarian-themed buildings line the streets, gorgeous mountain peaks cover the background, and loads of adventure are just minutes away. Due to its high elevation in the mountains, snow typically covers Leavenworth during the winter months. While temps are cold, there is still plenty of outdoor activities to enjoy!

Where to Stop Along the Way

As you make your way into Leavenworth, be sure to experience your road trip to the fullest. That said, consider stopping at the following destinations:

Driving North

On a northern trek, make a stop in Bend, Oregon. This destination is an adventurer’s playground, offering massive peaks, lush forests, raging rivers, and peaceful creeks. We recommend checking out Tumalo Falls, the Three Sisters Wilderness, and Mt. Bachelor for world-class skiing and snowboarding. Another awesome stopping point is Lake Tahoe, which is another excellent skiing destination.

Heading West

If you’re making your way west, consider a stop in Coeur d’Alene, Idaho. This small lake town isn’t only beautiful, but you can also experience several fun activities, such as snowshoeing, boating, and cross-country skiing. If you’re searching for a fantastic ski destination, check out Whitefish Mountain Resort in Montana, just outside Kalispell.

Driving South

On a southern drive, be sure to stop at the nearby North Cascades National Park. With majestic snow-capped peaks, this area is astonishing in the winter months. Keep in mind some roads leading into the park are closed during the winter, so do some research on current conditions before heading that way. If your trip begins further north in Canada, consider adventuring near the town of Kamloops. Here you’ll find an amazing mountain resort, ice skating, winter hiking trails, and more!

Heading East

If you’re headed east, you can’t pass up Olympic National Park. This is your chance to see majestic mountains and a stunning rainforest! While this area also experiences winter weather, be sure to check road conditions before making the trip. Also, some areas of the park close during winter weather, so also check on this beforehand. If you want some warmer weather, stop by a coastal town along the Pacific Ocean, such as La Push or Neah Bay.

Leavenworth, WA—Winter Fun for Everyone

Once you get into Leavenworth, you’ll be blown away by the scenery and Bavarian architecture. To experience an adventure you won’t soon forget, check out our favorite outdoor activities in the area below:

Skiing & Snowboarding

If you love hitting the slopes, Leavenworth is the place to be. For downhill skiing opportunities, check out nearby Mission Ridge Ski & Board Resort. This family-friendly resort offers a small mountain-town atmosphere, including exciting runs and great snow. For the avid skier, you can’t pass up Stevens Pass, just 40 minutes from Leavenworth. Here you’ll find thrilling runs throughout the 1,125 acres of skiable terrain, including 12 lifts!

Hiking & Snowshoeing

While local temps are chilly this time of year, hiking is still a beloved activity in Leavenworth. And when there’s snow on the ground, you’ll find several snowshoeing trails to explore! Lake Wenatchee State Park is a great place to visit, featuring 12 miles of marked snowshoe trails. A few other favorites in the area include Eightmile Lake Trail and Snow Lakes Trail.


During the winter months, Leavenworth comes alive with the sounds of beautiful birds! In fact, this area is known as one of the top birding destinations in the state of Washington. Ospreys, eagles, orioles, and other species call this place home during the winter, providing exceptional birding opportunities for locals and tourists. To catch a glimpse of the action, stop by Lake Wenatchee State Park, Sleeping Lady Mountain Resort, or Wenatchee River Institute at Barn Beach Reserve.

Winter Festivities

Leavenworth is the perfect place to soak in the holiday magic! With Christmas lights lining the snow-covered, Bavarian-themed streets, Leavenworth is a winter wonderland! To get in the holiday spirit, consider attending the town’s Village of Lights Festival. This event involves several amazing Christmas light installations in the downtown area, including live music and tons of holiday cheer. Leavenworth’s sleigh rides are also an experience you have to check out. These involve large sleighs being pulled by horses, taking you throughout downtown and beyond!


Even during the winter months, Leavenworth is a great place to camp in your adventure van! Several local RV parks and campgrounds stay open this time of year, providing easy access to all the local attractions. We recommend checking out Blu Shastin RV Park, Stonewater, or Thousand Trails Leavenworth. Keep in mind that some RV parks and campgrounds may close for part of the winter, so research before heading out.

Travel Tips

To make the most of your trip, follow these Leavenworth travel tips below:

  • Prepare for snow: The area sees about 89 inches of snow every year, so come prepared.
  • Get ready for the cold: The lows can get into the teens, so make sure you’re layered up!
  • Consider taking a bus or Amtrak ride to Leavenworth from Seattle.
  • As roads can be slick, make sure your car has FWD or AWD, or good snow tires.
  • Leavenworth is busy during the holiday season, so plan accordingly.


Below you’ll find links and addresses of the area’s top attractions:

Ski Resorts

Campgrounds & RV Parks

Hidden Gems

While Leavenworth is popular, there are still some lesser-known destinations and attractions to explore. Check some out below:

  • Leavenworth Ziplines
  • Eagle Creek Ranch
  • Colchuck Lake
  • Pine River Ranch
  • Silvara Cellars

These are a few places to escape the crowds and get away from it all.

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