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Why The 2022 Omni by Thor Motor Coach is the Super C of your Dreams


Searching for a spacious RV with family-friendly floor plans? Look no further than the Thor Motor Coach Omni. This innovative Super C recreational vehicle offers top-notch technology, impressive power, and tons of living space. 

With sleeping accommodations for four to six people, the Omni is ideal for families. Couples looking for more space to live full-time or vacation in luxury should also consider this model. A solar power system and large holding tanks allow for longer boondocking journeys, while the Omni’s sizable towing capacity ensures you can bring almost anything you want along for the ride. The motorhome’s power starts with its rugged Ford F-550 chassis and 4×4 turbo diesel engine.

If your interest is piqued, keep reading for everything you need to know about the 2022 Omni by Thor Motor Coach, including an overview of the company and a breakdown of the Omni’s standout features. 

Why Thor Motor Coach?

Thor Motor Coach has rapidly become the #1 motorhome brand in North America, producing a whopping one out of every four motorhomes sold in the region. The prolific company’s trademarked “Made to Fit” concept refers to their focus on including all of the comforts of home in each of their RVs through clever and diverse layout options so you won’t feel like you’re missing anything on the road. The craftsmanship of Thor Motor Coach’s vehicles is such a point of pride that they offer in-person and video tours of their factories. 

What is a Super C RV?

There are three classes of RVs: A, B, and C. The classes are mainly differentiated by size. However, in a less-than-intuitive fashion, the letters are not arranged in order of size. Class A recreational vehicles are the largest, while class B RVs are the smallest. Class C RVs fall somewhere in between these bus-like motorhomes and small camper vans and usually feature over-cab extensions for extra sleeping space. So where does that leave super Cs? These RVs are essentially super-sized class C RVs with larger chassis and engines, more exterior storage space, and larger towing capacities.

The bottom line–if you’re looking for a roomy and powerful RV that is easier to maneuver and more fuel efficient than the largest class A motorhomes, a super C RV might be perfect for you.

Thor Motor Coach Omni Vans for Sale at Rec Van

We love the 2022 Omni for several reasons which we’ll delve into more below. This model provides a functional and luxurious living space with four thoughtful floor plan options and state-of-the-art technology. Its larger holding tank capacities, solar power system, and towing capability make the Omni ready for any outdoor adventure, from boondocking in a remote wildflower-dotted meadow to a lakeside boating vacation. 


Go further off the beaten path and stay for longer thanks to two key features of the Omni. First, the fresh and wastewater holding tanks have large capacities, meaning you’ll need to refill and dump them less frequently. Second, the included 100-watt solar charging system with a solar controller will keep your devices powered endlessly even when off-grid. 

Spacious Living

Whether you want to homeschool kiddos or create a productivity-enhancing remote office setup, this motorhome will give you the space to do it successfully. The super C RV can accommodate an entire family for long stretches without cabin fever. This makes it an ideal traveling home for multiple people year round, even in less optimal weather conditions.

The sleeping area above the cab is unusually large and features a panoramic skylight to feel even more expansive. Pets also have plenty of room to roam, while durable residential vinyl flooring prevents any pet-related damage. The capaciousness continues to the exterior storage. With 74 to 83 cubic feet of space, you’ll be able to store all of your outdoor activity gear and out-of-season items easily.

Towing Capabilities

Depending on the version of the RV you choose, the trailer hitch will offer either 10,000 or 12,000 pounds of towing capacity with a seven-pin round connector. This opens up a whole world of possibilities for Omni owners to travel with recreational equipment, including boats, jet skis, ATVs, and horse trailers. You can also bring small towable campers for even more living space if you’re on the road with a larger group. Lastly, vacationers can tow a smaller vehicle to use for exploring once they reach their destination.

Floor Plan Options

The Thor Motor Coach Omni offers four floor plans to cater to a variety of customers and lifestyles. The four layouts can be further customized with optional features. Three of the four floor plans have king-size beds; one has a queen bed. One of these king beds is a luxurious Tilt-a-View inclining bed that allows you to watch a movie while lounging at the perfect angle. You can also choose between theater seating and a sofa in the living room area. Every layout features a dream dinette, bathroom with shower, and high-performance kitchen with a double door fridge. Try out the four different configurations and explore customization options to see which iteration of the Omni makes the most sense for you.

Top-Notch Technology

With Thor Motor Coach’s innovative technology, the future is now. This tech permeates the RV from safety features like lane departure warnings to convenience boosters like keyless entry. You can also charge your phone wirelessly at the dinette table. A built-in wifi extender makes remote work a breeze. The crowning glory of this RV’s sleek technology is its SYNC 3 enhanced voice recognition communications and entertainment system. As an Omni owner, you can immerse yourself in breathtaking nature while still enjoying helpful technology.

Overall, this Super C recreational vehicle combines the freedom of road trip travel with the comforts of home. Its spacious accommodations and boondocking capabilities mean you can explore endlessly with the people you love. 

If these features appeal to you, it might be time to look into purchasing your own 2022 Thor Motor Coach Omni. Browse a wide selection of Omni RVs at Rec Van.