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Everything You Want to Know About the New 2022 Roadtrek Chase


Have you heard about the new Roadtrek Chase? This Class B van is sparking interest in the van life community based on its flexible layout, cutting-edge technology, and generous amenities. A unique third bed option means you can share the adventure experience with more companions. Even if you’re a solo traveler, Roadtrek’s innovative features for added comfort on the road are sure to win you over. If your interest is piqued and you’d like to know more, you’re in the right place. From a brief background on the company to the van’s standout elements, we’re detailing everything you want to know about the 2022 Roadtrek Chase. 

Why Roadtrek? – Click Here for Inventory

Roadtrek is one of the top manufacturers of Class B RVs in North America for good reason. The Canadian company has built a reputation for trustworthiness and high quality across both the Great White North and the USA. From design to manufacturing, Roadtrek vans are crafted with care. The company’s website highlights the custom nature of each Roadtrek motorhome by allowing visitors to build their dream van with an easy online tool. 

Roadtrek vans are known for providing all the features you might find in a vacation rental, including enclosed wet baths and functional kitchens. They’ve also pioneered vans with more seating and sleeping capacity, so larger groups and families can get in on the van life experience. Whether you plan to chase remote wilderness for months on end or road trip to RV resort vacation destinations, Roadtrek has you covered. Each of their eight van models provides the perfect opportunity to “getaway from the everyday.”

What we Love About the 2022 Roadtrek Chase

The Roadtrek Chase is forward-thinking in its aesthetic, engineering, and features. Built on the Ram ProMaster 3500 extended van chassis, the 21-foot rig fits everything you need to live comfortably into a neat, maneuverable package. The 2022 Chase borrows features from all of Roadtrek’s most popular models but differentiates itself with added ease and convenience. We love the Roadtrek Chase for its luxurious amenities, modern look, family-friendly options, and powerful technology. To delve into the details of this winning offering, read on.

Luxurious Amenities for the 2022 Roadtrek Chase 

The best part of van life is the ability to explore any destination you can dream up while bringing along the comforts of home. Rather than spending a fortune on hotels, vacation rentals, flights, taxis, car rentals, and restaurants every time you get wanderlust, take control of your travel with an adventure van. The Chase allows Roadtrekkers to enjoy quality sleep, delicious homemade meals, and game-changing showering. Make a stunning landscape your own personal resort with the van as your home base.

Sleep is key–after all, good days are the product of good nights. The Chase’s plush mattresses rest atop an innovative Froli Sleep System, which is designed to increase airflow and comfort. The beds also feature unique adjustable headrests for next-level lounging. 

After you wake from a rejuvenating night’s sleep, whip up your favorite breakfast in the kitchen. The stove and sink are covered when not in use for a streamlined profile and extra food prep space. Get even more surface area when you flip up the counter extension. There, you’ll also find a charging station so you can easily power your devices while making meals to fuel yourself. Speaking of tech, you’ll also be treated to a 24” smart tv on a rotating bracket for evenings and rainy days in the van.

One of the most luxurious features of the Chase is that it has both outdoor and indoor showers. Gone are the days of van dwellers rinsing off as quickly as possible in frigid waters. Roadtrekkers are treated to spa-like showers thanks to the van’s instant hot water system. The outdoor shower is popular for balmy days and rinsing off sand before entering the van, while the indoor shower is great for everything else. The bathroom is also fully enclosed and includes the aforementioned shower along with a toilet and sink. 

Modern Aesthetic

The Chase looks towards the future with its design and styling details. Roadtrek’s signature look for all of its van exteriors, a dark band of glass on both sides of the vehicle body, adds a sleek, futuristic element. On the interior, large windows are framed out of that glass band area. Several of the windows open to let in fresh air, while clever horizontal blinds offer privacy and tuck out of sight when not in use.

Thanks to the generous windows and smart material choices, the van’s interior feels light and bright. The living space is open, with wood paneling unifying the cabinets and bathroom doors. Customers can choose between three modern interior finish options and four neutral exterior colors for a bespoke design.

Family-Friendly Options

The 2022 Chase has one of the most flexible layouts on the market, which makes it ideal for families. While many other van manufacturers require you to choose between twin beds or a single larger bed, Roadtrek offers both to Chase owners. Parallel twin beds at the rear of the van function as a substantial lounge area by day. At night, you can sleep on the separate beds or move a few modular pieces around to convert the area into a comfy king-sized bed. 

Even better, Roadtrek offers an optional foldable mattress that turns the front cab area into another twin bed. With this configuration, a variety of small families–or friend groups–can sleep comfortably. Two parents and a child, one adult and two children, three friends… The possibilities for van life crews are near endless with this flexible layout. There are even seatbelts for four people in case you’d like to bring extra guests along on a drive. 

When talking about family, we can’t forget about our fur babies. Roadtrek had them in mind when designing their strong and pet-friendly bug screens. For an entire family’s worth of clothing and supplies, the design team carved out an abundance of storage under the beds, in the kitchen, and in resourceful slivers of space throughout the van.

Powerful Technology

Roadtrek’s state-of-the-art technology makes Chase owners the king of their own castle. 330-watt solar panels cleanly power your off-grid adventures, while the underhood generator acts as a second alternator that is quieter than the traditional variety. Enjoy automated features like a 12-foot power patio awning and power steps. Inside, a Firefly coach monitoring system puts control of the van at your fingertips. 

From small families on the search for a mobile vacation home to full-time van lifers who appreciate the finer things, there’s a wide variety of customers who are thrilled to see Roadtrek’s newest Chase model hit the market. Think you might be one of those people? Check out Rec Van’s 2022 Roadtrek Chase inventory.