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Plan Ahead for Labor Day 2021: Reserve Your Campsite Now


Labor Day is just on the horizon and let’s just say — you’ve earned it! This past year has been quite a ride, and you’ve been hustling hard for a well-deserved three-day weekend without the worry of work, school, and other day-to-day responsibilities. To help you make the most out of the upcoming weekend, perfecting for getting on the road and camping in your van, we’re covering all of the bases for you. From things to consider to handy resources and recommended destinations, read on to start planning your 2021 Labor Day Weekend.

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Plan Early — It’s a Popular Time to Camp
It may go without saying that Labor Day Weekend is a go-to travel opportunity taken by most road warriors. Campgrounds across the country tend to book up pretty fast, leaving the last-minute adventure coordinator with little or far from affordable options to settle with. That’s why we can’t stress enough that the sooner you plan, the less you have to worry about the details of your rec van rendezvous. Doing so will grant you far more time to soak in the true spirit of Labor Day. Just remember — a well-planned camper is a happy camper. 

Want to Avoid the Crowds? Dry Camping Is Calling Your Name
If you rather not stay at a crowded campground and can make do with special resort treatment or shared amenities such as bathrooms and electricity, then wandering off the trail for a boondocking adventure may just be for you. While some locations might require a permit to be purchased ahead of time, you’ll be dealing with a lot less people and a whole lot more of nature as it was intended — in peace and quiet. If you do opt to dry camping, we still highly suggest that you chart out your plans as soon as possible. As campgrounds and resorts start to fill up through the approaching weeks of labor day, several fellow van campers will opt for an off-grid getaway to still just get away.


Keep Weather in Mind
While some areas may start cooling down at the start of September, the desert southwest will still be pretty warm. If you’re looking for more comfortable temperatures, we recommend checking out a camping destination on higher elevation. Consider areas in states such as Colorado, Idaho, Montana, or Wyoming. 

Make Sure You’re Covering All of Your Bases
If it’s your first time taking your camper van out for a holiday weekend, make sure you’re making a master list for all of your plans. The trip doesn’t only encompass the destination, and it’s easy to miss a finer detail during a popular camping holiday. Here are a few questions to keep in mind when you’re covering the finer details of your trip:

  • Are you extending your camping trip a week in advance to beat the crowds?
  • Do you need to make pitstops for black and grey tank upkeep along your travels?
  • How long will your camper van’s battery allow for dry camping before you need to re-charge?
  • If your original travel spot is over-booked, do you have a follow-up destination in mind?
  • Are you budgeting for food stops or mapping out a camping meal plan?

No matter what your camping holiday looks like, keep in mind that as a van camper, you’re scoring the advantage of flexible travel. Whether you choose to take a long-distance road trip, wander off the grid, or soak in the wonders of nearby State or National Park, you’ll always have a home on wheels to wind down in. So enjoy the freedom of taking on the great outdoors in complete comfort, wherever you choose to roam!



Free Camping in the Pacific Northwest
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For Those Looking for Lakeside R&R
Whether you’re looking to go fishing or sunbathing in a scenic lake before taking in a breathtaking sunset in the heart of nature, we’ve got you covered. Our Top 10 Lakes Across the U.S. to Visit Now includes a stellar list of spots to consider for your Labor Day excursions. This round-up covers plenty of ground across the country from Arizona to Pennsylvania and several hidden gems in between.


Save Money on Your Next Off-Grid Outing
One of the best perks to boondocking is the opportunity to cut down the costs that come with van travel. Before you hit the road for your Labor Day weekend getaway, be sure to check out our guide on How to Find Free Water Sources While Van Camping. It’s easy to map out your road trip along a route that supplies plenty of water for you and your adventure van. 

De-stress at Some Serious Rock climbing Destinations
Want to elevate your getaway with adventuresome activity? If you’re a rock-climbing enthusiast, we’ve put together a complete list of the very best destinations to explore in New Mexico. This guide includes where to camp near some seriously stunning destinations along with other activities you can explore while traversing through the “land of enchantment” in your camper van. Check out The Best Rock Climbing Locations in New Mexico if rocky terrain is calling your name!


Van Travel Spots Your Fur Babies Will Love
If you’re planning to take your four-legged best friend with you on your Labor Day travels, we’ve trimmed down the research work for you with our Top 10 Pet-Friendly Campgrounds Across America! After all, our pets need a refreshing escape from the typical day-to-day pattern too. From beaches to bark parks and hiking trails your travel companions will love, we’ve listed plenty of options for your holiday getaway.

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