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Holiday Gift Guide for the Van Life Enthusiast in your Life


Finding the right gift for someone who chooses to live a minimalist lifestyle can be overwhelming. Luckily, the road-dog/minimalistic/adventure driven lifestyle is right up our alley. With Christmas only a few days away, we are bringing you our holiday gift guide for the #vanlifer in your life. Check out all the details below!

For the Lounger: Camp Chair

Price: $$
This compact folding chair is perfect for lounging outside by the fire during the holiday season. Folding down to just 4.5 by 15 inches, the chair can be easily stored in any van without taking away room from other camping essentials. With easy setup and takedown, this camp chair would make a great addition to any van campers collection of gear.

For the Cozy Van Lifer: Slippers

Price: $$
Who doesn’t love a good pair of slippers? TheBomba Gripper Slippers are perfect for the van lifer looking for comfort. These sherpa-lined house shoes are almost like socks – they can be worn inside the van, and because of the rubberized sole, they can be worn outside when setting up camp and lounging by the fire.

For the Cold Weather Van Lifer: Thermal Wear

Price: $
Thermal undergarments are essential for facing cold weather, especially when camping. They make a great gift since they will be worn under other clothes, so the warmth and comfort of the garments are much more important than the appearance. Uniqlo makes high-quality undergarments for an affordable price for both men and women.

For the Music Listener: Headphones

Price: $$$
A solid pair of headphones is a must for any music lover traveling in a van. The Sennheiser HD450 offers active noise cancellation that can be toggled with the push of a button, as well as fantastic sound quality. Additionally, they come with a compact case that can be used to store the headphones once folded. Another benefit of over-ear headphones is they are much harder to lose than wireless in-ear headphones which can easily fall out of your ears and into hard-to-reach places within the van.

For the Photographer: Disposable Camera

Price: $
Usually under $20 and easily found at most convenience stores, a disposable camera is an excellent choice for a gift. These inexpensive film cameras are very durable and incredibly compact, making them perfect for life on the road. The magic of disposable cameras is that you are not able to see the pictures until they are developed, allowing the user to relive their experience on the road.

For the Health Nut: Shaker Bottle

Price: $
A shaker bottle is a perfect gift for the van lifer looking to stay healthy and fit while they travel and they are relatively inexpensive. Shaker bottles mix up protein shakes but can double as a water bottle or cup. It can be hard to eat healthy while traveling but a solid shaker bottle can make that task just a little easier.

For the Campfire Enjoyer: One Log Fire

Price: $
A One Log Fire will help the campfire lover and van dweller in your life get a fire started quickly, easily, and safely. Providing a steady burn for two hours, the One Log Fire provides warmth and light during the cold nights that come with the holiday season, as well as fuel for cooking food at the campsite.

For the Coffee Drinker: Portable Espresso Machine

Price: $$
A compact espresso maker is a perfect gift for a van lifer that loves coffee. This easy-to-use espresso machine only requires boiling water and coffee beans to make a delicious espresso on the go, saving both time and money while traveling. 

For the Lighting Lover: Solar String Lights

Price: $$
These solar-powered lights can be easily transported and set up making them a superb choice for camping. This solar-powered, 18 ft., and 10 LED light strip can run for up to 20 hours in its low light mode and can even be used to charge mobile devices with its built-in USB port. At just under $50, these multipurpose string lights would make an excellent gift.

For the Off-Grid Camper: Portable Wash Bag

Price: $$
If you are looking for a gift for someone that spends time camping away from standard amenities like washing machines or sinks, a portable wash bag would make a convenient gift. This small and easy-to-use wash bag allows the camper to wash clothes quickly anywhere they want, which means they will be able to pack fewer clothes and have more room for essentials like food and water.

Whatever you choose to give the Vanlifer in your life, we’re sure that they’ll love the thought this holiday season!