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Camper Van 101: Wet Bath Vs. Dry Bath


One of the best parts of van life is that today, it is more possible than ever to create an experience that is super fitting to your individual needs. Camper van’s have evolved to include far more amenities and features to make living the van life more customizable to the types of experiences you desire.

One of the first considerations for many is whether to purchase a van with a wet bath or one with a dry bath. Both are great options and are fitting for each individual road warriors’ needs. Want to know more about which is best for you? Read on.

What Is a Wet Bath and a Dry Bath?

Knowing the difference between a wet bath and a dry bath is important.

A dry bath is like a typical bathroom like you probably have in your home. In a dry bath, you will likely have a separate shower, a toilet, and a sink. In this arrangement, only the shower gets wet. The version in your van is much smaller than what you would expect in a home. The construction is in line with the rest of the van in terms of storage and amenities.

In a wet bath, the toilet and shower are combined into one area. When in use, this area will all get wet. In short, the sink, toilet, and shower are combined into one stall-like area. That means that when taking a shower, the entire bathroom is likely to get wet.

Which One is Right for You?

You have a lot of options in both wet bath and dry bath. This is just one component of the considerations when it comes to a camper van to buy. Below are some great models to consider.

RVs with a Wet Bath

  • The 2022 Winnebago Solis features a wet bath in this 20-foot long, Class B RV. This van has a classic pop top loft, a Ram ProMaster chassis, and a fuel-efficient design.
  • Another option is the 2023 Winnebago Revel, a 20-foot length Class B RV that’s super compact but filled with features, including an all-in-one gear closet and wet bath. It features a 4×4 Mercedes-Benz Sprinter chase.
  • For those who want more space, the 22-foot 2022 Pleasure Way Plateau is another wet bath model. It’s also a diesel engine, Class B, designed for performance.
  • The 2022 Thor Motor Coach Sequence is another example. This is a 20-foot Class B vehicle with nice tech upgrades and an easy-to-drive style.
  • The 2023 Thor Motor Coach Scope is an excellent example of a smaller version. This is an 18-foot, Class B RV with a RAM ProMaster 1500XT chassis and solar panel system.

RVs with a Dry Bath

  • The 2021 Thor Motor Coach Gemini is an excellent option for those looking for a larger vehicle. It is a 23-foot, Class C model featuring a 3.6L V6 EcoBoost turbo gas engine in a mini-motorhome style.
  • Check out the 2023 Thor Motor Coach Compass, with its 80-inch ceiling height and 3.5L V6 EcoBoost turbo gas engine.
  • The 2022 Winnebago Navion is an outstanding option. This is a 25-foot, Class C RV with a diesel engine, with theater seating, and lots of tech.
  • You may also want to check out the 2022 Phoenix USA RV Phoenix Cruiser, a 28-foot long Class B vehicle with a Ford E-450 chassis and a 7.3V-8 engine. It’s a true mini motorhome.
  • Another dry bath option is the 2022 Thor Motor Coach Delano. This is a 26-foot Class C RV with a Mercedes Sprinter chassis and a smooth, stress-free design.

Who May Benefit from a Wet Bath?

For those who are looking at van options and wondering how well a wet bath may work for them, keep in mind there are some nice benefits here. For example, a wet bath is typically a small area in a smaller van. You do not have a lot of room to move around and navigate in that space because of the tight area. However, if you do not mind a little bit of extra effort when it comes to tasks like using the shower, this could be a good option for you. If you prefer showering outside more often than you do in the van, a wet bath is the route to take.

Some pros of a wet bath include:
  • There’s a smaller footprint within your van dedicated to the bathroom.
  • The entire room is the shower, which can make it a bit bigger than small dry baths.
  • It’s easy enough to clean since the entire area can be washed down.

The biggest downfall of a wet bath is its smaller size which can be limiting to some people who need more room to maneuver.

Who May Benefit from a Dry Bath?

For those who want their van to feel and function more like a traditional home, a dry bath could be one of the most important investments you make. A dry bath is best for those who want more comfortable surroundings where not everything in the room gets wet during a shower. These spaces typically take up a bit more room, and they offer more overall space than what you would find with a wet bath.

Some benefits of a dry bath include:
  • There is typically more room in the overall bathroom in a dry bath.
  • It feels more like home with separate areas for washing your hands and things like toilet paper stay dry.
  • There’s room for a vanity and overhead storage in many since the area does not get wet completely.

Most often, the biggest drawback of a dry bath is that the bathroom takes up a larger footprint in your RV.

Find What You Need at Your Trusted RV Retailer

If you’re ready to find the van best suited for the adventure you’re planning, connect with us today. At RecVan, you can find the best camper van for either a wet bath or dry bath need. Connect with us now to learn more, or browse our inventory online.