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Best Campervans for Small RV Living


Has the open road’s siren song reached a pitch that you can no longer ignore? If you’re like many people these days with the restless blues, you probably spend a lot of time daydreaming about investing in a small RV and making a massive lifestyle change. After all, we’re nearly two years into a pandemic that has had most people questioning whether it’s time to break free of their ruts and follow their dreams. However, many people still equate an on-the-road lifestyle with owning and maintaining a behemoth RV that guzzles gas, can be challenging to drive, and requires a large parking space with plenty of room to turn around — either that or the flip side of that lifestyle, which stereotypically involves huddling in a tiny camper with no heating system and barely enough room to turn around.

But it doesn’t have to be this way. Thanks to modern design principles and advances in technology, it’s possible to hit the open road in comfort and style without investing in a huge rig and Rec Van specializes in them. Bellow  are just six of the many small campers we offer under 22 feet that won’t make life on the road look small at all. Check them out below.

Roadtrek Zion SRT Class B Campervan

Some small RV kitchens aren’t good for much but heating up soup and slapping together a sandwich, but the Roadtrek Zion SRT Class B Campervan provides those who truly want to savor home-cooked fare while on the road with plenty of counter space, room to store pots and pans, and even a pull-out pantry to for supplies. Other features include a retractable power awning for al fresco relaxation and dining, a 24-inch smart TV, an outdoor shower, and a tankless water system designed to provide hot water on demand. No more driving around frantically seeking a public restroom when behind the wheel of this one — it’s got a bathroom with a sink, shower, and toilet.

Chinook Countryside

Van life doesn’t necessarily mean traveling without certain creature comforts of home. Just look at the Chinook Countryside. With plenty of space-saving overhead cabinets, as well as a lounge, pantry and wet bath, this van is ideal for couples or solo travelers with pets. The removable table creates extra room in the galley for entertaining and the Murphy bed will let you sleep in comfort. Built on a Mercedes chassis, this 20 foot van is perfect for your wilderness and city adventures alike.

Winnebago BOLDT

The Winnebago BOLDT offers 22 feet of luxury living on wheels. Built on a Mercedes chassis, this van guarantees top performance. The Boldt boasts excellent safety features as well. From blind spot assist to active lane-keeping features, Winnebago is always thinking ahead, helping keep drivers and passengers safe. The Boldt has two twin beds, making it a great choice for couples, those who like to travel with friends, pets as well as small families. Equipped with back double doors, a wet bath, wardrobe, swivel table, microwave, refrigerator, overhead cab shelf, pull-up/flip-out table and a TV, you will have everything you need and want with this van.

Thor Motor Coach Sequence

Built on the RAM ProMaster, the Thor Motor Coach Sequence is the mini-motorhome of your dreams. Equipped with twin beds, a power patio awning with integrated LED lighting, sliding screen entry door, roof ladder, bike rack, dinette, shower, microwave, fridge, stove top and best of all, the king bed pop-top, the folks at Thor really thought of it all! Let’s not forget the solar option so you can stay powered off-grid for as long as your heart desires.

Thor Motor Coach Tranquility

Built on the Mercedes Sprinter 2500 4×4 chassis, Thor’s Tranquility is the ultimate adventure van for those van lifers who want to get off-grid and off-road. The Tranquility is easy to maneuver, making it an ideal everyday driver as well as camper. Other stand out features include large pullout storage trays, a 190-watt solar panel, Onana 2500 LP generator, and Thule rack system (on specific units). The dual burner gas stove and microwave make it a great van for those who like to get their camp cookery on.

Roadtrek SS Agile

The Roadtrek SS Agile is a great choice for those who want to join van life one weekend at a time. Perfect for families and/or friends, this van has a folding mattress in the front cab and a rear power sofa that converts into two twin beds or one king-sized bed. The Agile is, you guessed it, agile, making it easy to maneuver in cities, neighborhoods… really wherever the road takes you. Equipped with a wet bath, tankless water heater, 330 watt solar panels, outdoor shower, microwave, refrigeration, retractable power awning and magnetic screen for rear and passenger sliding doors, it’s clear Roadtrek really thought of everything when creating this adventure van.

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