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10 Vanlifers to Follow for Pure Travel Inspiration in 2022


In recent years, the phenomenon of #vanlife has boomed on social media. Whether you’re partial to dreamy escapism or useful guides to specific destinations, Instagram is the place to get inspired. Plus, you can network with other van lifers on social media to cultivate your nomadic community. For more advice on meeting other van dwellers, check out our tips. 

Looking for some of the best van life accounts to follow and connect with? We’ve rounded up ten must-follow van lifers on Instagram. Whether you love jaw-dropping nature photography, travel tips, van cooking inspo, or adventure sports, you’ll find something that speaks to you on this list.


Sunny and Luna have built large followings on multiple social media platforms thanks to their account’s perfect balance of aspirational and relatable content. The couple takes followers along on every step of their van life journey, from moments of triumph to bumps in the road. They also produce snappy reels about blog-style topics like “4 Things we Wish we Knew Before Starting Van Life,” “3 Tips to Maximize Space in Your Van,” and “Hair & Makeup in the Van.” Thanks to this thoughtful content, @sunnylunaliving is one of the most informative van influencer accounts on Instagram today. You’ll follow for the bright, crisp photography style and minimalist van interior; you’ll stay for the clever lifestyle hacks.

• Instagram: @sunnylunaliving 
• Website:
• YouTube: Sunny Luna Living
• TikTok: @sunnylunaliving


Traveling foodies, this one is for you! Verity, the creator of Cook Anywhere, is traveling around Europe in a van and whipping up masterful meals along the way. Her trademark shot is a plate of colorful, mouthwatering food held up against an ever-changing background of natural scenery. These photos are enough to make any home chef want to hit the road and any van dweller want to step up their culinary skills. To make that last goal a reality, check out Verity’s website, where you’ll find simple vegetarian recipes specifically tailored for camper van cooking along with blog posts detailing the best equipment for van chefs. 

• Instagram: @cookanywhere
• Website:


Van life accounts often focus their travels on one or two countries. Smriti and Kartik, the Indian couple behind @thebrownvanlife, push beyond these boundaries, taking followers along on a series of vibrant van adventures around the world. They don’t limit themselves to places that are reachable by land. Case in point–Smriti and Kartik recently braved a river crossing with their van on a tiny, precarious-looking ferry in Guatemala. The charismatic couple is now exploring their seventh country, Nicaragua. Follow for dreamy travel photography, entertaining reels, and a motto you’ll probably relate to: “we want to fill our souls with adventures each day.” 

• Instagram: @thebrownvanlife
• YouTube: The Brown Van Life


As a van traveler and multiple sclerosis blogger, Lita is an inspiration in more ways than one. After her MS diagnosis four years ago, she was able to transform a scary situation into motivation to live fully and seek out adventure. @litaofthepack_and her fiancé Dylan are now exploring the country by van and taking followers along to some truly breathtaking destinations. However, Lita doesn’t want her audience to just live vicariously through her account; she strives to help people plan trips and make their own travel dreams a reality. Sound interesting? Check out this prolific blogger’s helpful posts on subjects like van resources, travel guides, free campsites, and managing MS. 

• Instagram: @litaofthepack_
• Website:
• YouTube: Lita and Dylan

Photo by @ByAmySibert


Thor Audiss does it all. He’s a sponsored athlete, successful digital creative and photographer, and integral member of the Storyteller Overland team. Follow Thor’s epic mountain biking adventures across the U.S. and get a peek at the Storyteller Overland vans that make it all possible. Despite the spotlight on cycling, the appeal of his account reaches far beyond the adventure sports community. The slightly grainy, documentary-style aesthetic of Thor’s feed captures something most wanderers will recognize–the feeling of ephemeral moments in new places. 

• Instagram: @thoraudiss
• Website:


Sonia is a digital nomad whose passions range from world travel to branding to building a transformative digital community. These diverse interests actually interrelate in many ways. For example, Sonia sees travel as a tool to develop the self and better understand others. Through traveling, she says, “you are able to open your mind and heart…you can completely smash any bias, ignorance, or bad perception over any topic.” Follow @wildlysonia for richly-toned photos of the multi-hyphenate exploring amazing landscapes. Then head to her website for powerful blog posts written by Sonia and occasional guest authors on subjects including identities, the deaf community, slow travel, and–of course–van life.

• Instagram: @wildlysonia
• Website:


Follow @stephoffthegrid for a feed full of bright, cheery photos that feel like a perpetual vacation. The account’s creator Steph has been adventuring in a van for two years along with her husband and three dogs. From resorts in Cabo San Lucas to evergreens in Glacier National Park, the little family has already had plenty of adventures. Steph values storytelling and often pairs her dreamy photos and videos with long reflective captions that let viewers in on her inner world. For example, although Steph knew a traditional path wasn’t for her, she felt that “escaping was not the answer. Finding the way back to myself was.” For more musings, tips for van life with dogs, and even an Ebook travel guide to Baja California, check out her website.

• Instagram: @stephoffthegrid
• Website:


Have you ever followed an influencer on social media that felt like a friend, even if you’ve never met them? Meet engaged couple Meghan and Matt. The boisterous pair let followers into their full-time vanning lifestyle through multiple platforms–Instagram, TikTok, and YouTube. From their silly antics to serious passions like sustainability, Meghan and Matt are a picture of authenticity. The couple addresses the facade of social media through creating playful “IG vs. Reality” reels, posting about challenges on the road, and talking about how they restaged their engagement photos because the camera died before the real proposal went down. Entertainment and honesty aside, you’ll also want to follow @meghanandmatt for their plentiful travel tips.

• Instagram: @meghanandmatt
• Website:
• YouTube: Meghan and Matt
• TikTok: @meghanandmatt


If you want to liven your IG feed up with inspiring travel photography, we highly recommend Marco Calara’s account. The Vancouver, B.C.-based photographer deftly captures panoramic views, often with the addition of human subjects that help you imagine yourself in the setting. His 1984 bright blue Volkswagen Westfalia–nicknamed “Esmeralda”–is another common focus point in photos. The retro van, majestic locations, and crisp photography style mean you could easily spend hours poring over @immarcoo’s feed. Tempted to bring the images from your phone screen to the real world? The prints for sale on Marco’s website could be the last piece you needed to complete your van interior design. 

• Instagram: @immarcoo
• Website:

Photo by @WildGina


Last but certainly not least on our list is Laura Edmondson, an educator and full-time van dweller. She sets an example for respectful, inclusive, and healthy travel by including land acknowledgments on her posts, creating educational resources in her Instagram highlights, and offering short thought-provoking blog posts on topics like “Selfcare vs. Community Care” and “#BlackHikersWeek – Black Outdoor Futures.” Laura is also a rock-climber, podcast host, and vintage jewelry shop owner. To educate yourself and check out her various projects, follow @laura.edmondson on Instagram. To support her work and watch exclusive van life vlogs, visit her Patreon. 

• Instagram: @laura.edmondson
• Website:
• Patreon: Laura Edmondson

We hope you enjoy your new feed filled with inspiring content. We humbly suggest one last account to follow—our own. Check out @myrecvan for travel guides, van inspo, and interviews.