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10 Reasons Why We Love Winnebago Vans


For over five decades, Winnebago Industries has been the most recognizable brand for outdoor leisure and travel. With a vast product line innovated to meet the standard of recreation for every type of explorer under the sun and stars, it’s no wonder why Winnebago has become synonymous with the essence of adventure.

Backed by a legacy of frontier leading craftsmanship, the Winnebago brand champions an awe-inspiring line of adventure vans for enthusiasts to enjoy. If you’re seeking the perfect fit for your van travel goals, read on for our top 10 reasons why Rec Van is proud to offer Winnebago vans to wayfaring ramblers just like you.

  1. A Tradition for Trusted Quality and Design

The Winnebago brand isn’t only best recognized for its adaptability to the generations of open road travel. It’s also easy to recognize the passion behind each innovative design found in every model. The Era is appraised for its just-like-home comforts including a fully equipped galley and ultra-leather furnishing created to boast contemporary elegance and seating adaptability. The Solis Pocket is adored for being the most affordable Winnebago van, packed with extended-season comforts, flexible lounge features, and a first-ever for camper vans — an exchangeable 20-pound propane cylinder for convenient refilling.

  1. Culture That’s All About You, the Customer

Winnebago thrives on delivering the ultimate customer experience. When you become an owner, you’re not only getting behind the wheel of adventure, you’re getting in on a culture founded on community. Winnebago brings plenty of perks to owners, including lifestyle and destination guides, owner clubs, and an extensive line of gear to enhance your camping getaways. You also have the opportunity to take a guided tour or join a caravan of Winnebago van travelers for a Fantasy RV Tour. Winnebago International Travelers (WIT) can enjoy a discount on these unique escapes. Be sure to sign up for the Winnebago newsletter! You won’t want to miss a beat of what’s on the horizon for Winnebago owners!

  1. Accessible Adventure for All

The wonders of the world are meant for everyone. True to the spirit of independent travel for all, Winnebago devised the all-new Roam, complete with remote-controlled wheelchair accessibility. Enjoy easy driving with all of the creature comforts of home on the road all in one effortlessly nimble package. Store your wheelchair when you’re on the go, or use the tie-down system to create additional seating space as you travel. The Roam’s interior layout is thoughtfully designed to provide easy storage access even at a seated height. Convert your bedding space into a sofa at the press of a button for a restful lounge area to relax and recharge. Click here for a closer look inside this incredible Winnebago model.

  1. 4×4 Freedom for the Truly Intrepid and Rugged

The Revel has long been the ultimate vessel for off-road wandering. Built on a 4×4 Mercedes-Benz chassis, this off-road Sprinter allows you to venture far off the beaten path with ease and comfort. Two 123-amp hour LiFePO batteries will keep your travels powered for longer while Bluetooth monitoring allows you to easily keep an eye on battery levels. The diesel-based Era is also off-road capable while boasting modern luxuries including a 1-.25 MBUX infotainment system and voice interface, active brake assist, and blind-spot monitoring for tight turns.

  1. Pioneering Energy Efficiency for Extended Travels

Take your fuel and energy efficiency to a whole new level with the innovative features found on the Winnebago Boldt. This brilliant rec van runs on over 12,000 watt-hours of clean and comfortably quiet power, thanks to the lithium-based Pure3 Advanced Energy System. The Boldt is rigged with Bluetooth hardware, allowing you to monitor your power details from anywhere through the myVolta app. The all-favorite Travato is also equipped with Pure3, making it an excellent choice for extended off-grid stays.

  1. That Boho Pop-Top Experience is an Instant Plus

Have you dreamed of sleeping beneath the stars in a classic pop-top layout? The ever-popular Solis brings the throwback vibes with a modern twist. The pop-top is framed with durable fiberglass and includes a FROLI Sleep System, offering comfortable sleeping space for two. If you wish to wander off-grid, a 220-watt solar system will keep you powered as you unplug. Roughing it never has to be quite so… rough, thanks to the Solis’ exterior wash stations, portable cassette toilet, and user-friendly water panel. Enjoy a classic camper experience without missing out on the modern amenities this rec van has to offer.

  1. All-Season Travel is Yours for the Taking

Adventure ahead with the all-season capability on the Winnebago Boldt. This Class B camper is lined with state-of-the-art insulation and equipped with in-coach waterlines and heating, so you can enjoy the warmth and comfort of home sweet home on the road, no matter how harsh the weather may get. If you rather enjoy the seasons on diesel, the Era has you covered with plenty of comforts to spare. The Truma Combi Eco Plus heating system makes switching between gas and electric modes an absolute breeze as you flex between stationary and mobile needs. The Travato remains a customer favorite for good reason, including sidewall and dual-pane acrylic insulation and the water-saving Eco-Hot system. If you’re wanting to go boho all-season, the Solis is the way to go.

  1. There’s Plenty of Ways to Play in the Great Outdoors

Go mobile with your entertainment and leisure. Whether you wish to kick back beneath some awning shade or cozy up inside, Winnebago camper vans come with all of the amenities to make for a restful getaway. The Revel features an exterior table, counter space extension, and a refrigerator that is accessible from both inside and outside your sprinter. A storable induction cooktop and exterior sink make meal-prep in the open, fresh air an absolute treat. The Winnebago Travato comes with boundless flexibility with its 360-degree dual-mount dinette and ample storage. Stow your gear beneath the bed or overhead and mount your mountain bikes with an exterior rack. Smaller items can be kept safe with the RAM Tough-Track mounts and Anything Keepers storage cubbies.

  1. Takes Your Remote Work to a Whole New Landscape

Looking for a mobile workspace with an ever-changing outdoor view? Winnebago rec vans come with clever features and details that provide plenty of space for productivity. The Revel features a rear power-lift bed that converts into a spacious workspace or gear garage. Whether your craft calls for hands-on labor or ample desk space for task management, the power-lift bed offers an open-door view to inspire you. The Boldt is another great choice for mobile work with an abundance of power to keep your projects going and adjustable table space for seated and stand-up use.

  1. Comes With A Lifelong Sense of Community

If you’re looking for a group of like-minded wanders to learn the ropes of van life, or simply share some unforgettable memories with, Winnebago hosts plenty of rallies across the country for you to enjoy. Owners are welcome to attend an array of educational seminars, workshops, and entertainment events. From the annual Winnebago Grand National Rally hosted in Forest City, Iowa in the heart of summer to Winnie B gatherings and Revel enthusiast meet-ups throughout the year, there’s always a way to stay connected with fellow rec van travelers that share your passion for the great outdoors. Click here to browse for an upcoming event to attend!

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